Welcome to USA Veterans Assistance

This Web site is dedicated to those who have served our country in the armed forces. You will find us a very useful tool in locating help, forms, information, education and other needs for you.

We are providing links to many invaluable Web sites and have posted the mission statements of these groups from these sites to allow you easy access and full information about important organizations and resources. We do not editorialize about these sites and directly lift their mission statements so that you can have an unbiased window into this help.

Veterans have told us for years that they frequently get lost trying to find or keep up with these resources so we have organized them into handy categories, including Charities & Foundations, Government Assistance, Support Groups, Asbestos Exposure and Legal Rights, Health and Medical Information and News.

Here you will find where to turn for forms from the Veterans Administration, where to find a support group for your specific needs, how to find a lawyer and where to get financial, medical, educational or charitable assistance.

Many of you spent most of your life serving your country and we hope this in some small way helps repay you for your dedicated and valuable years of service.

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